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Bumble Bee Jasper Tower 1

Bumble Bee Jasper Tower 1


Bumble Bee Jasper

Weight: 66 grams

Height: 4 inches

Width: 1 3/8 inches

Metaphysical Properties: Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper is believed to possess several metaphysical properties. While it's important to note that these properties are based on beliefs and not scientific evidence, many people find them intriguing. Here are some commonly attributed metaphysical properties of Bumblebee Jasper: 1. Energizing and Empowering: Bumblebee Jasper is said to carry a potent energy that can help uplift and revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. It is believed to boost motivation, confidence, and enthusiasm, supporting you in pursuing your goals and dreams. 2. Creativity and Manifestation: This stone is often associated with enhancing creativity and stimulating the imagination. It is thought to inspire new ideas, innovative thinking, and artistic expression. Additionally, Bumblebee Jasper is believed to aid in manifesting one's desires and bringing them into reality. 3. Solar Plexus Activation: Bumblebee Jasper is strongly linked to the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power, willpower, and self-esteem. It is believed to cleanse and activate this chakra, promoting self-confidence, assertiveness, and a sense of personal empowerment. 4. Emotional Balance and Courage: Some individuals feel that Bumblebee Jasper can help balance emotions and bring a sense of stability during challenging times. It is believed to encourage courage, resilience, and the ability to overcome obstacles. 5. Transformation and Growth: Bumblebee Jasper is often associated with transformation and personal growth. It is believed to assist in breaking free from limiting patterns or beliefs, encouraging self-discovery, and embracing change. Remember, everyone's experiences with crystals and their metaphysical properties can vary, as it's a deeply personal journey. It's always best to trust your intuition and use crystals as a complementary tool to support your overall well-being.


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    Crystals are a natural creation from our Mother Earth. Each piece is unique and beautiful in its own way. You may notice natural inclusions and indentations. These attributes make each crystal special. 

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